There is a huge difference
between designing
to comply with laws and regulations,
and planning to respect
bisogni delle persone,
wishes of people, their needs, their dreams.

The unit of measurement of architecture
it is not the brick, nor the square meter.
It's the man.


EASI-BOX is a complete smart design package. It includes a series of services and performances designed to define the project of your home. A streamlined and simplified formula that allows you to have the support and assistance of professionals in the sector at your disposal, when you are about to renovate your home. The package includes a specific equipment that involves every design aspect and aims to issue the client with precise documentation on every part of the renovation.

The study is based on a ten-year experience and on an idea of architecture that investigates the design languages of modernity and the dualism between form and function, between geometry and emotion. Today, in order to master all the supports that technology makes available, we have surrounded ourselves with professionals who have diversified and highly specialized skills, in order to offer a total service that can range between architecture, construction, visual marketing and computers graphics.

Each of us lives in architecture. Unlike the other disciplines, which we can choose to do or not let into our life, architecture is under our eyes every day, it is the world we live in. Hardly negligible emotional, psychological and social factors come into play, which make planning a delicate responsibility.

That's why it's so important. Because architecture must not be only the harmony of forms or the compositional study, but must intrinsically contain within itself an irrational momentum. Architecture must move the heart. And it is for this reason that a project ends only when geometry comes to interpenetrate with stylistic beauty and with the identity of those who live in the designed space.